Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The new issue of Untamed Highway is on sale now!

Sorry it took so long for me to post again. Things have been extra busy. But now I'm happy to say that a brand new comic book is hot off the press! Untamed Highway #3 is fully packed with lots of art, sleazy characters, and all the crazy plot twists that our readers would only expect to find in an Untamed Highway comic!

My pal Noah Snodgrass writes the amazing storylines for this series. I think he's outdone himself with this one! All of the artwork is drawn, lettered and painted by me, and inked by Noah. Here's a couple samples from our new book:

If anyone's interested, this comic is for sale at our website, www.untamedhighway.com! We just updated the site with new art and merchandise...Go check it out!

Also, these other Untamed Highway comics are still available there too! Get 'em all, and make me happy!!!

The Hexxers comic is also available at our site, and at GollyGeeRecords.com, Border's Books, and Tower Records...comes with the Hexxers Live CD!!!

See you soon!